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Easy-to-Follow Video Course Teaches You:
How to Manage the Post-Production of Your Photographs, from Development to Retouching, in an Effective, Simple Way for Professional-looking Results.
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Have you ever wanted to achieve magazine-quality and style with your images without wasting days and hours in front of the screen?
Even if you are a beginner, if you love photography but don't feel like you are a pro, you can learn how to edit your photos and get the most out of them.

Now, with this Video Course, you can do it easily by applying step by step guidelines that are designed for you who don't want to struggle with complicated methods.

  • How to import photos quickly
  • How to organize your photos in collections
  • How to optimize Lightroom speed and performance
Landscape photography fascinates not only professional photographers, but all enthusiasts, even novice photographers. However, it is not easy to reproduce the beauty of a landscape in your shots, especially if your intent is to be able to amaze the viewer with your creations.

The details to which you need to pay attention are countless and each landscape requires different settings based on numerous factors including, first and foremost, light.

Although it is true that it is up to the photographer to try to understand what the right perspective might be, which are the most appropriate lighting conditions and so on, I don't believe that processing photos is a waste of time or that it should be considered as "cheating".

In fact, I believe it is part of what it takes to do a good job and complete what you've started on the field.

Once all details are determined, once you've defined the composition of your image and took a picture, it's time not to be lazy and start learning how to edit them in order to enhance your results.

Thanks to the possibility of correcting any errors in post-production, you do not have to worry if, at least for the first phase, your photographs won't be spectacular. In fact, the goal is just to practice, learn from possible mistakes, improve your skills and create more and more beautiful shots.

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are the best editing softwares, but...
if you're just starting out, they can look complicated and even a little intimidating.

We at Pics Valley, are a team of professional photographers and we know what it means to study photography, analyze and compare results with other photographers, taking notes on every key aspect with the intent of acquiring new knowledge, gather suggestions and learn techniques that are essential to become a better photographer.

With years of experience and practice we have gathered everything we have learned when it comes to photo-editing softwares in order to help you achieve tangible results in the shortest time possible, without having to proceed by trial and error.

Since we know exactly what makes post-processing complicated, we wanted to give you the most effective way to make it simple because, when you have precise instructions and nothing is left to chance, all the difficulties suddenly evaporate.

You may ask:

...But if I have enough (or a little) knowledge about photographic techniques, I know how to manage settings well enough, I studied all about depth of field and how it impacts my photos...

If I know all the rules of composition and I use the right gear, then why do my landscape photos continue to appear imperfect if not even boring and dull?

There is a reason why great photographers acknowledge the power of editing. Thanks to the great variety of choice in the techniques to be applied, they constitute the solution to correct your photos and obtain enhanced results in a short time.

Lightroom and Photoshop will help you get excellent results but you need to know them well and master all their potential.

I want you to have solid foundations and proper knowledge in order to be more confident with post-processing and, as a consequence, when you are out shooting. When you know what you are doing you can evaluate the best solutions both on the field and during editing.

Today you have the opportunity to start developing your images easily, quickly and effectively.

We have prepared a comprehensive Video Training Course that will help you:

Discover all about:
  • Lightroom catalogs
  • Lightroom grid view options
  • Lightroom sync settings
  • Lightroom Modules
  • All this and a lot more on Lightroom
Learn all about:
  • How to import photos quickly
  • How to organize your photos in collections
  • How to optimize Lightroom speed and performance

> Know the difference between Lightroom CC and 
Classic CC.

> Explore and become familiar with the Lightroom Interface (Library & Develop Panels)

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Besides all of that, you will explore image editing techniques using Adobe Photoshop.

If you don't want amateur-looking pictures you need to master both softwares. This way you can edit your photos with ease and create images everyone around you will admire.

Here is what you'll find in this amazing Video Training Course in the section dedicated to Photoshop:

  • Working with layers
  • Levels, local adjustments and curves adjustments
  • Hue saturation and vibrance
  • Cropping
  • Actions
  • Selections
  • RAW conversion
But that is not all! You'll also discover all about:
  • Photoshop effects
  • Understanding white balance
  • How to professionally sharpen your photos and reduce noise
  • How to combine images
This is a Course consisting of 15 Videos.

It is easy to follow and it will help you get amazing results.

At the end of the training you will succeed in post-editing with both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. You will be able to quickly boost colors and contrast; create background blur to draw more attention to your subject.

Ever wanted to remove unwanted spots or other elements or use graduated filter to enhance specific areas of a photo? Now you can do it. You can use the adjustment brush to improve details and refine your photos. You can edit sunset shots for best results, increase vibrancy and saturation, enhance the sky using graduated filter and much more...

For example:

  • How to add color to highlights and shadows
  • How to enhance grass or foliage
  • Long exposure effects for magical landscape retouching
  • Preset and final adjustments
  • How to save your own edits as presets
  • Importing and using Lightroom presets
  • How to create perfect panoramas in Lightroom
  • How to create perfect panoramas in Photoshop
We've got you covered on anything you could possibly need when it comes to post-processing techniques with this Video Training Course that you can watch and download NOW.

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