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Discover How to Take Amazing Landscape Photos From the World's Top Experts
The new groundbreaking photography course that reveals
how to take your best landscape photos ever
  • 360° Photography Experience
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Inspiration, Confidence and Knowledge.
This is the Aim of this Comprehensive Video Training: to Provide You with the Necessary Knowledge and Inspiration that will Give You the Confidence You Need to Start Taking Amazing Landscape Photos.
If a training is boring, no matter how much effort and willpower you put into it, you won't benefit from it as much as you could if you enjoyed the learning process.

The key to learning and achieving great results is passion and that can only arise if you immerse yourself completely in the learning experience. If you feel eager to get back to it and learn more.
So this is what we had in mind as we created this Video Training Course. We wanted to make sure it didn't come out to be one of the countless boring courses in which you just want to skip through and get it over with.

This will be for you an authentic photography adventure in which you will learn everything about landscape photography in order to become a pro and start taking stunning pictures that you will be proud to share and show to your friends.

You can consider these videos as over-the-shoulder lessons each covering a different topic. These topics are of utmost importance when it comes to landscape photography.

We will walk you through all the practical content and specific techniques starting from the basics all the way to shooting and editing your landscape photos.

You will also find some unexpected training such as how to use a drone for Landscape Photography (this is covered in the 12th video)!

If you want to create photos that speak to your viewers, you need an in-depth understanding of this vast aspect of photography. It is easy to avoid common mistakes when you know what they are. Or you can as easily ruin an otherwise great picture when you don't know how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Today you have the great opportunity to learn how to develop your photography skills, how to look beyond what's obvious and create images that reflect your personal interpretation of a landscape.

Here is a short summary of the primary topics you'll get to explore in this Video Course on Landscape Photography.
In Video 1 you will become familiar with the Exposure Triangle.

Maybe you are already familiar with it but often, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to understanding ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. After this video there won't be any mysteries still left unsolved.
In Video 2 we'll walk you through everything from depth of field, the histogram and all of the technical aspects that are made easy and quickly applicable for you.

Not only the essential settings but all that goes beyond the basics.

Video 4-5-6 will help you with the proper equipment for landscape photography.

You'll discover what's necessary and what's not.

Video 7-8-9 here you will learn how to work with different lighting conditions.

You will become familiar with panning and you will really understand all about colors.
Video 10-11-12 You'll learn a variety of techniques and discover what it takes to produce beautiful shots.

You will be able to create images with wonderful details and colors, amazing foreground and deep skies. You'll be able to identify what it takes to convey the emotion you desire in a shot.
Video 13 and 14 are dedicated to different compositional techniques and specific strategies to apply in landscape photography in order to avoid boring and dull pictures.

These videos will guide you so that by the end of the training you will be able to tell strong visual stories that help viewers connect with the landscape you're photographing.
Video 15-16-17

We leave no stone unturned so you have a complete set of skills to apply in your landscape photography including the Best Post-processing Softwares.
And that is just a taste of all the content you will have at your disposal in this video-course.

This intensive training offers you support in finding the best equipment like lenses, filters, camera body and other gear that is specifically used in landscape photography. This will help you overcome the overwhelming feeling of choosing among the limitless options available out there. Besides it will help you make pondered purchases and avoid unnecessary things.

In order to master photography, you can't just shoot and hope for the best. You need to understand and handle with confidence all the critical camera settings such as: white balance, depth of field, and metering. You need to learn how to read the histogram and how to make manual adjustments.

Moreover, you want to know all about visual balance, perspective, leading lines, foreground interest, and not to mention lighting.

There are some great creative effects that you can achieve when practicing landscape photography, like long exposure for instance. This is really important to convey mood and emotion in your landscape images and thus engage the viewers in the story you're telling with your photos.

In-Depth Help Through the Whole Photography Process:
Capturing Photos

How to capture sharp, well-composed photos and all the light in a scene using optimal camera settings, occasionally filters, and multiple exposures.
Post-Processing and Editing

We will walk you through how to use the most effective software and the most effective techniques to blend exposures to bring your photos to life.
Save Time with Presets

As you get into the digital darkroom, you will find that endless time can be spent there. We have included 1-click presets for instant amazing results when time is tight.
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With this intensive Video-Training-Course you can:
  • How to ensure sharp crisp shots;
  • How to create maximum viewer interest;
  • How to capture all the available light in the scene;
  • How to bring out the best of your shot with some helpful editing techniques;
  • Move gradually from beginner's to advanced level with some long exposure practices that will guide you in rewarding photographic experiences!
There are no Limits to What You Can Create Once You've Mastered these Tutorials!
Your progress will be remarkable and your photos astonishing. We will show you how to take the kind of photo that catches your viewers' attention.

We, at Pics Valley, are a team of professionals and we've put all our expertise and years of study and practice in this Video-Training so that you can easily avoid all the frustrating trial and error most people have to go through while learning photography.

It's so sad that many amateurs just give up on their passion because they don't have the opportunity to prepare appropriately and then come to the conclusion that it's too hard or they don't have what it takes and on and on...

It's just a matter of having the right information, simple and easy to understand and mostly practical so that it is just a step to put them to practice. You can have all the theory in the world but it's only through practical instructions and examples that you can actually learn and not just know things on an intellectual level.

Try It Risk Free
When you purchase Amazing Landscape today you will have a full 30 days to try it out.
If for any reason you are unhappy with the purchase, simply email me for a full refund. Based on the thousands of happy customers that have purchased Amazing Landscape, I'm confident that you will love it too.

Learn the optimal settings to ensure sharp crisp shots.

How to take multiple exposures to ensure you capture all the available light in the scene. Includes gear recommendations but any camera will do.
How to compose your photo for maximum viewer interest.
Learn how to take into consideration perspective, framing, leading lines, the rule of thirds, reflections, horizon line placement, color, patterns, shadows, depth of field, and more.
Then learn how to bring out the best of your shots with quick and efficient post-processing techniques.
Tutorials on how to edit your photos to perfection. The results will leave you stunned.
With all the techniques and shortcuts this Video course contains, you will avoid a lot of the frustrating trial and error I had to go through over the years. It is designed to help you quickly become prepared the next time you venture out with your camera.
Here are a few More Essential Concepts Covered in this Amazing Video-Training Course
  • Golden hour, sunrise and sunset;
  • Create dramatic effects with different weather conditions;
  • Leverage the power of nature to produce spectacular effects with reflections and long-exposure;
  • Where to place the horizon and how to identify meaningful patterns, leading lines, perspective, textures.
  • All this and so much more!
360° Landscape Photography

Learn how to get the most out of your scene using optimal camera settings, the proper filters, correct exposure and optimizing the light with multiple exposures.

The Most out of Your Scene

Nothing left uncover. You have the amazing opportunity to learn how to capture sharp and well-composed landscape photos!Take advantage now and start watching the videos to learn everything you need in order to master this fascinating subject of landscape photography.

Post-processing essentials
Learn to how to convey the magic and the atmosphere of the landscapes you choose as a subject for your photographs.

In this Video-Course you have the opportunity to learn all the rules to move from a basic level to an advanced level. It is a truly complete Course that will guide you step by step. You will be able to watch and re-watch the videos and refer to them anytime you want on your journey towards the discovery and the deepening of landscape photography.

In photography you never stop experimenting and learning!

Take advantage now and start watching the videos to learn everything you need in order to master this fascinating subject of landscape photography.

We will walk you through how to apply the most effective editing techniques.

A great picture is not a matter of luck, there are certain rules and specific techniques to follow. Once you know how to handle any situation, you can take great shots. Anybody can develop their skills and improve their photographic eye in order to perfect their practice and create a unique individual style.

What Our Customers Are Saying:
  • "Not only a very helpful Video training for beginners and more experienced photographers, but also an extremely well crafted course for everyone who's looking for inspiration on a high standard. You will want to take photos from the first video and change the way you shoot from scratch."

    - John Saver

  • "I just bought my first DSLR and this Video course helped me to immediately understand a lot of things I was struggling with – such as The Exposure Triangle. The training made all concepts easy to understand and now I'm more comfortable when there's a scenic moment I want to capture before it's too late."

    - Laura Smith

  • "A comprehensive review of all the basics you need to know when starting out in landscape photography. Even a load of tips for the more seasoned. Comes highly recommended!"

    - Frank Jenny

  • "A solid training with plenty of useful information clearly explained step by step with many pictures and examples. I would have wanted these videos when I started to take pictures."

    – Sandy Fraschetti

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